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FW Murphy Celebrates 70th Year of Innovation in Oil and Gas Industry

FW Murphy has been a leader in innovation since the Swichgage® was first introduced in 1939, and this year marks its 70th anniversary. Since 1939, Murphy has expanded their product line to include more diverse instruments that focus on proactively solving problems, such as increasing emissions regulations and better control solutions for engines, in the oil and gas industry.

"Throughout our 70 year history, we have continually created innovative products by anticipating our customers' needs and developing products to meet emerging market demands," says Rick Harris, Director of Product Strategy, Oil and Gas at Murphy.

After the success of the Swichgage® safety switch, Murphy began to look to the future and started creating other products, such as Tattletale® annunciators and speed switches, to better communicate engine operating conditions and prevent engine breakdowns. In the 1970s, Murphy increased their focus on creating controllers as part of their engine management solutions, and by the 1980s Murphy was becoming a leader of innovation in the controller market.

"We saw a shift in our customer base," says Harris. "Our customers began coming to us to discuss their business in depth so that we could work with them to anticipate problems and create customized solutions."

As a result, Murphy's Centurion controller was designed as a single control solution that incorporated all of the monitoring devices into one unit. The Centurion's advanced monitoring and control provides users with greater control options to maintain the maximum efficiency that is necessary to meet the demands of approaching emission requirements.

Murphy continues to serve the oil and gas market, but has expanded its reach to include the industrial stationary, off-highway and marine markets. Murphy's technology developments in these industries provide innovative solutions for the oil and gas market by creating products to provide advanced capabilities for future oil and gas requirements and regulations.

Pitt Auto Electric Company is proud to be a distributor for FW Murphy, and extends it's congratulations and wishes for continued success.