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Wisconsin and Continental Logos

Pitt Auto Electric Company has been an authorized distributor for Wisconsin Motors, LLC industrial engines and parts for over thirty years. Wisconsin engines are designed to meet the most rigorous demands placed upon them. They excel in severe duty, high torque applications and environments. The main product segments are tree grinders, concrete pumps, concrete saws, lifts and trenchers. Their engines can be configured to run on gasoline, natural gas, or propane fuels. Wisconsin Motors, LLC markets their air-cooled engines using the Wisconsin brand name. They market their liquid-cooled engines using the Continental brand name. Because of this, some users refer to the company as Wis-con. Their current engine models include the following:

Wisconsin (Air-Cooled) Models
AENL-3 23 cu. in. (377 cc)19.2
V465D 177 cu. in. (2901 cc)465.9
W4-1770 107.7cu. in. (1765 cc)435
VH4D 107.7 cu. in. (1765 cc)430
VG4D 154 cu. in. (2524 cc)437
Continental (Liquid-Cooled) Models
TME27 164.7 cu. in. (2700 cc)474
TM27 164.7 cu. in. (2700 cc)472

We carry a large inventory of replacement parts and would be happy to assist you in determining the parts you need and shipping them the same day. On this website, you can search by part number, or browse the most popular Wisconsin parts. The following parts catalogs are also available for your use: