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Ford Power Products

Ford Power Products Engines Logo

Pitt Auto Electric Company has been a Ford Power Products Distributor for over thirty years. Ford Power Products provides high quality technologically advanced engines to the industrial engine market capable of running on gasoline, natural gas, and LP fuels. In addition, Ford Power Products provides a broad selection of other power train and engine components and replacement parts. Some of the more popular historical Ford industrial engines include the following:

VSG-4131.3L (79 CID)I-4
LRG-4252.5L (153 CID)I-4
ESG-6424.2L (256 CID)V-6
CSG-6494.9L (300 CID)I-6
WSG-10686.8L (415 CID)V-10

Pitt Auto Electric Company would be pleased to assist you in obtaining service information and replacement parts for any of the above engines.

If you are in the market for a new engine, please ask us to quote you a delivered price on any of the following models:

TSG-4161.6L (97.4 CID)2V, SOHC, I-4
DSG-4232.3L (140 CID)I-4
LRG-425 EFI or Carb2.5L (153 CID)I-4
ESG-6424.2L (256 CID)V-6
WSG-10686.8L (415 CID)V-10

Ford Power Products Technical Publications

For more information on Ford Power Products, including a national service directory, please vist the Ford Power Products website.